Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome To My New Blog!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog! I finally decided to move into the 21st century, and created this blog to keep you informed of my current and upcoming on location photography workshops that I teach all over the world.

I will also be updating the blog with announcements, news, tips, tricks, and just about anything and everything to help take you photography skills to a whole new level.

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit, and hope to see you out on location someday!

All my best,
Bryan F. Peterson


Mark English said...


Great new web-site! Wish I had found it earlier... Tampa in October looks interesting. Maybe I'll drive down and see you in Seattle.

best regards,
Mark English

Donna said...

Hi Bryan! I'm looking forward to New York!!!! I'm sure it will be a blast. :-) I'm so glad you have a workshop website now. Great new blog too!

mjj817 said...

Hi Bryan,

I have all of your books and DVD and I am looking forward to updates on the blog.


Anonymous said...


Reading your books is as good as talking to you daily,, I'm lucky, you know, a master available very handy ........I love natural light photography ,, I am a happy man..

thanks bryan


Russ said...

Sweet! Looking forwards to this blog Brian.Sometime I hope to be able to attend a workshop. Hopefully in the Salt Lake City area. Best Regards, Russ Peterson

Bink said...

Thoroughly enjoyed all of your books. Just ordered your lastest about macro photography. Hope you will write another about panoramic photography someday, especially spherical panoramas, but not vertual reality stuff.



Joe 2.0 said...

This blog announcement entry was posted nearly 2 years ago and people have commented as recently as April 09, apparently w/o noticing.

Hanneke said...

Hi Bryan! I'm looking forward to your Singapore Workshop. Unfortunately I had to close my studio in Singapore, because of my eye surgeries, but good I do have time to pick some on line photography (Perfect) courses.
Ciao Hanneke Mennens

Ron Martinsen said...

Glad to see you on blogspot!

A Day in the McIntosh Household said...

Glad to have found you . . .

Dave Galliher said...

Hi Bryan,

I have enjoyed reading all your books. I hope to make it to one of your workshops soon. Thanks for the blog, I look forward to reading it.


Maks said...

Hello Bryan
I'm just begining to discover world of Photo.
And I found your site.
It's great.
And thank you for interesting ideas in your blog.
I'll follow them.
Thank you.

Greg said...

Hi Bryan,

It is wonderful to you posting a blog. I have a couple of your books and they are really, really helpful. I tried to find your DVD, but I found you no longer sell it.
I would have thought having the DVD in circulation would really help promote your on-line school.

Good luck with the blog. Maybe I will get the time and money to be able to take a course or attend a workshop. Thanks for the inspiration!

Ian S said...

Hello Bryan!
I just found your DVD in a shop and bought it. I had read some of your articles I found in and new you could explain the theories of photography, in a clear and precise manner.
Your DVD blew me away. You have dispelled the difficulties of getting great shots, and helped me feel more confident using all the options my dslr has to offer.
I split my time between England and Taiwan and would love you to do a workshop in either of the countries.
Thanks again

linda said...

Hi Bryan
I have all of your book's. one day I hope to attend your work shop, Long Beach California. I am thinking about taking one of the class online too.

Charles said...


Great site and books. With any hobby I involve myself within, I always want to know the theory and technicality behind it. Your book, "Understanding Photography--Field Guide" was exactly what I needed. Full of instruction, in terms that a newbie or professional could understand. Thanks so much and please do keep posting the video podcasts!!! Take care!

Waco Bankston, Monroe, Louisiana.

Author - Steve Walker said...
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Steve said...

Thanks so much for the blog. I have been buying and reading your books since the 90's. It started with your book on creativity and my most recent purchase was on Close-Up Photography.

Yesterday I recommended them to a co-worker. In the process of looking up the titles I uncovered your blog and was delighted to see you have started a blog.


eslschool said...

Its good one to read and think about. Thanks for the article about Language. I hope it will create some awareness among the other bloggers.

Dhruva said...

HI Bryan,

Thanks a lot for your wonderful books in the past and now this blog.

Can we request you to publish your equipment list on the site.

സ്വദേശി said...

dear Bryan sir,
i am from india.two days back i purchased your book UNDERSTANDING EXPOSURE
really sir it is amazing.i like you so much.i am 100% your fan now.
sir i have a nikon d 3100 with 18-55 lens, can i take good photos with this camera?

Evandr said...

Where do I begin? You are my inspiration. I have been absorbing everything you have written (I have all your books) as well as read and/or listened to everything you have posted. I love your YouTube quick tutorials. I have made some incredible photos with your oil and water technique, and, I have altered it a bit by taking away all light except for sparklers (it being independence day) and the results were beyond anything I could have hoped for. Take a look
I have only taken up photography since my wife passed away last November and I have been bitten bad by the bug. It took me two months to outgrow my Nikon 3100 and move on to a Nikon D700. You have influenced nearly everything I have done so far and it looks like a career is in the works. People are already starting to notice my work.
I have one idea for another book - Understanding lenses - I know you have given various exorcises on getting to know your lenses (I currently have several high-end lenses including my latest - a Nikon 200mm macro) and I am getting a grasp on the relationship between what I call my "Wifes" - White balance, Iso, F-stop, Exposure, and Shutter speed but where I need the most help is becoming comfortable with the relationship between a lens and its Focal Length, in other words learning how to select the right lens for the desired Bokah given the physical parameters of the shot you are trying to make .
Anyhow, thanks for lighting my photographic fire, I recently told a good friend that right now I would rather hold my camera than a woman - I guess that will hold true until I am smitten by someone as lovely as your beautiful wife and ready model, Cathy.
Give your family my best
Evan Rowell

Evandr said...

I just noticed that my Flicker address did not all post so if you are interested in seeing how I have been inspired by you go to and search for evan_dr then look for a set called "abstract"


Hey Bryan. How about bringing your camera out to the golf course and shooting some old duffers and a young lady. Keith

Andy D said...

I just watched your video on youtbe and wish I had come across it years ago when I first got interested in photography.
This is by far the best instructional video I have ever seen and it has helped me with a lot of things that up till now had me confused and often frustrated because I couldn't get the shots I wanted.
I will recommend viewing this to anybody looking for straight forward answers to the most common problems and mistakes that are made in photography.